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his heart my voice

Our beginning

      his heart my voice is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It was founded by Dave and Katie Richardson in March of 2008. As Youth Pastors, the Richardsons wanted a weekend that could connect their student's desire to do something great in the world around them with the passion that Jesus has to extend loving social action. From that weekend retreat came the his heart my voice conferences.

      The conferences are about bringing awareness of real issues in our world, and empowering students to become world changers, activists, abolitionists, and advocates for others.


Getting God's heart and speaking it out with our voices and actions.


Lord, when did we ever see
you hungry and feed you?

make a difference

HIS HEART MY VOICE is committed to educate, empower and engage people to know God, and turn faith into words and action to help hurting humanity. There are many ways we approach succeeding in our mission, but the one thing we focus on most is to encourage individuals that they can make a difference right now in the world around them.

Defining we're different
in a world of indifference

Christians should be known for their social action

HHMV is definitely a social activist organization. We focus on bringing justice to the world, wherever it is lacking. But our motivation for all of our action, the purpose of learning and sharing our knowledge, is shown right in the name. "His Heart." All throughout our conferences, those in attendance will be introduced to the concept of seeking God’s heart for all issues of social injustice, and hear from HHMV staff that have been called by God to share in his heart by bringing hope and justice to the world.

All throughout the Bible we can see examples of the early church engaging in acts of social activism. James tells us to take care of widows and orphans, Jesus frequently helps the sick and feeds the hungry, and the church is encouraged to give what they can to help out other members of the community. We believe that these examples were not just passing trends, and that God’s heart is breaking for his children all over the world. As the hands of God on this earth, we can capture his heart and go out to be a light to the world.

Your love for one another
will prove to the world
that you are my disciples

God’s heart is the driving force throughout our organization. We commit a period of time at all our conferences to intercede for people around the globe and seeking his heart for us as individuals. We will consistently refer to the Bible, God’s call on our own life, and the purpose of social activism for a Christian.

We believe that God’s heart is calling his church to action and to bring light into the world, and that it’s impossible to separate social responsibility from the heart of God.


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